Tech Connect: Device Management with Intune and Autopilot

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Published 5/21/2024

This TechConnect webinar explores the powerful capabilities of Microsoft Intune and Windows Autopilot in device management. This presentation will demonstrate how these cloud-based services automate the deployment and enrollment of Windows devices, ensuring consistent configuration across all devices.

Our speaker, Jon Anderson, Now Micro Senior Systems Consultant, provides an in-depth look at some of Intune and Autopilot's capabilities, including:

  • Automated deployment and enrollment of Windows devices
  • Streamlining the process of providing new devices to end-users
  • Ensuring consistent configuration and compliance across all devices
  • Simplifying device management to reduce IT overhead
  • Optimizing your existing Microsoft licenses for better device management

This webinar provides great information whether you're looking to enhance your current device management strategy or simply want to learn more about these robust cloud-based solutions.

Hosted by Now Micro, a leading provider of IT solutions and services.

See links below to view the webinar and presentation deck:

Watch Webinar Here

View Presentation Deck Here