Making Device Management Effortless

DICE helps customers manage product lifecycles through a single pane of glass. The easy-to-navigate online portal holds valuable purchase detail and real-time device information, simplifying the lives of asset managers and help desk technicians.

As a stand-alone tool or embedded into your asset management practice, DICE gives you the information you need at the click of a button.


DICE Login

How does DICE solve problems?

Procurement Manager

A portal into your technology purchases from Now Micro​

Up-to-date and extensive information on device purchases

Real-time data on devices

Flexible and easy-to-use interface

Asset Managers

An asset management tool fed by high fidelity data feeds

Streamlined check-in and check out processes for users

Device lifecycle reports to quickly slice data for purchasing decisions

Device location tracking

Tech Support

A single pane of glass for purchasing, support and lifecycle management operations

Single pane of glass for device and warranty information

Interactive device management

Intel vPro AMT out of band management

DICE's Order table shows item level detail on orders placed with Now Micro throughout the buying process - from Order placed to Invoicing. Shipping, billing and tracking information provides properties to be sorted, filtered and exported.

During the provisioning process, Now Micro collects numerous data points on the hardware including essential items like serial number, MAC addresses and asset tags. Provided in a flexible and easy to use interface and via REST API, the Device section of DICE can answer many questions about your devices in a few clicks. DICE Complete adds a systems management agent that overlays a large library of additional datapoints that can be used for troubleshooting, asset management and asset retrieval.

DICE provides warranty information from major manufacturers in the same table driven interface. This allows a full contextual reporting for device lifecycle management and a quick way to generate a list of devices that may need to be replaced.

DICE Complete is a device management and monitoring solution focused on technical support needs to drive increased first-call resolution and reduce downtime in the field. Hardware information, logs and location information are embedded in a real-time interface that includes KVM, terminal and file system access tools.

Order Information, Device Information, Warranty Lookup, and Device Monitoring are free DICE features that come with Now Micro purchased devices. Click here to see the full feature list:

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Frequently Asked Questions

To access DICE, you can use the following login link: 

DICE Login

If you haven't accessed DICE before or encounter any issues during the login process, feel free to reach out to your dedicated Now Micro sales contact for assistance.

All introductory DICE features, including access to order information, device information, open API, and warranty lookup are available as part of your Now Micro purchase. This ensures you have the essential tools to efficiently manage your technology assets. If you have specific questions about the features or your Now Micro purchase, please reach out to your Now Micro sales contact for assistance.

Click the button below to view the full feature chart for DICE and DICE Complete:

DICE Features

To schedule a DICE demo you can reach out to your Now Micro Sales contact or email your demo request to sales@nowmicro.com. Our sales team will promptly assist you in setting up the demo.

Contact support@nowmicro.com and we will promptly assist you with any questions.

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