Recast Lab Manager

Lab Manager

Lab Manager lets admins manage and transform the user experience of single devices or collections. Replace the Windows Desktop Experience with a custom app or internet browser, manage user access and functions, or create locked down, single purpose kiosk devices in a snap.

Save time scheduling devices for public groups

The Lab Manager Scheduling feature allows administrators to choose whether to deploy a Lab Manager profile immediately or schedule a date and time in the future; making managing multi-use machines simple.

Securing content in public places

Publicly facing devices can be locked down to specific purposes, and keyboard shortcuts to system functions like Task Manager can be disabled.

URL Whitelisting

Useful for applications in digital signage, testing kiosks, or other internet-based activities, the URL White-list function lets you set approved web pages to keep machines locked in their intended purpose.

Lab Manager for Education

IT Administrators in Education rejoice! Lab Manager was built specifically for you. Remotely secure, login, and navigate to online tests without ever leaving your chair-- letting students focus entirely on the test. Managing computer labs and library machines is just as simple: schedule and deploy full-screen learning apps to computers for one class, and have the machines automatically revert back to Windows for the next. Getting the most education value from your technology investment has never been easier.


StateLocker uses the Unified Write Filter for Windows 10 to allow computers to return to a "known-good" state upon reboot. This allows end users to initiate troubleshooting by simply pressing the reset button to resolve the vast majority of issues.

Updated and Secure

StateLocker allows admins to configure custom exclusions from the write filter, meaning update procedures can remain unchanged with no added complexity.


With StateLocker, you have the option to differentiate to disk between reboots, meaning users don't suffer delays and crashes due to RAM limitations over time.