RCT Runner & RCT Builder

RCT Builder

Build and share your own right click tools! Create strings of existing right click actions, PowerShell scripts, WMI calls, and Registry edits and deploy them with role-based administration to your team. Now the team's brightest management ideas can benefit everyone.


Automate everything-- from the simplest right click action to complex strings of scripts. If you're doing it more than once, now it can be a right click tool.


React to the unique requirements of your environment quickly and simply-- creating one-off tools that help you achieve the organization's technology goals.


Use RCT Runner to share the right click tools you create with the appropriate members of your team. The more time you spend automating now, the more time the organization will save later.

RCT Runner

RCT Runner will let anyone with permissions run custom actions that were built in RCT Builder.
Results can be viewed three ways:

Single Grid Results

Will show results in the success/failure window shown in Recast Collection actions.

Two Grid Results

Results are not separated based on success or failure, with a similar format as in the System Information Collections.

Tabled Results

Will show each action on its own tab. Highlighting differences between objects if run on multiple actions at once.