Recast Lab Manager for Education

Making ConfigMgr Click!


Lab Manager allows administrators to remotely transform entire classrooms of computers into single-purpose testing machines. It securely locks down computers, bypasses login screens and presents students with their digital assessments. When the time comes to test, students only have to worry about testing - not about finding the test itself.

Lab Manager's scheduling feature eliminates the frantic, last-minute computer configurations that normally take place on testing day by transforming computers into testing stations at a specific time in the future. This gives administrators the ability to create and apply ideal test settings at their own pace. Most importantly, the Lab Manger tool seamlessly integrates with SCCM. It’s a way of empowering your IT staff and allowing them to more easily and effectively give tests to students.


  • Automated Unified Write Filter Application
  • Wipe Changes Upon Reboot
  • Easy, One-Click Reset
  • Safeguard your Win10 Image

Shell Replacement

  • Lock Down Computers
  • Launch a Browser or Custom Application
  • Whitelist Web Pages
  • Remotely Launch Testing Apps

Automatic Login

  • Pre-provision Testing Workstations
  • Eliminate User Login Error
  • Validate AD Credential in advance

Scheduled Deployment

  • Schedule Workstation Lock-Downs in Advance
  • Roll Back Lock-Down Settings after Testing is Completet
  • Preplan Test day Lock-downs