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Recast RCT Enterprise

Recast RCT Enterprise drastically increases the usability and functionality of ConfigMgr. This right click tools extension helps administrators access live and inventoried data and then take immediate action.

  • Live Data: Gain access to live data everywhere and act on users, devices and infrastructure immediately
  • Troubleshoot: Rapidly troubleshoot Task Sequences, PXE, Distribution Points, Content Management and a whole lot more
  • Support: Empower your helpdesk to better serve end-users without sacrificing security or control
  • Security: Support for enterprise networks, firewalls, centralized permissions and auditing
  • Additional Tools

Recast RCT Free

Take advantage of the right click tools you are familiar with in our locally installed version. Perfect for small environments with simple networks with no need for centralized permission management or security auditing.

Product Comparison
Feature Enterprise Free
Active Directory Tools
System Center ConfigMgr Console Add-in

Supports Current Branch

Device Tools
Collection Tools
Content Tools
User Tools
Mobile Apps Available

iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Lab Manager

Kiosk mode and prep for testing

Status Message Tool

Troubleshoot task sequences

Content Information Tool
Query Tool
Push Custom Scripts
AD Bit Locker Recovery Tool
Security Auditing

Creates a record of administrator actions

Centralized Permissions

Pre-Built help desk security role & Role-based administration

Email Support
No Advertisements

65,000 +


1,000,000 +

Systems Better Managed

650,000 +

Work Hours Saved

3,000 +

Keyboards Saved From Smashing

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Schedule a screen-sharing demo of the latest Enterprise version of the right click tools.

Tier 1

0 - 2,000 Devices*

$ 1,500/Yearly

Tier 2

2,001 - 7,500 Devices*

$ 4,500/Yearly

Tier 3

7,501 - 15,000 Devices*

$ 6,500/Yearly

Tier 4

15,001 - 20,000 Devices**

$ 8,900/Yearly

*Devices managed in ConfigMgr environment
**Over 20,000 devices contact us

Lab Manager

Lab Manager remotely transforms computers into single purpose, kiosk-mode devices, enabling administrators to preconfigure computer labs for testing and set up task-specific internet workstations. The Lab Manager Scheduling feature allows administrators to choose the exact date and time that computers are locked down and lets them schedule when to unlock/remove those same configuration settings. For easy test setup, administrators are able to replace the Windows desktop shell with an internet browser or other application and automatically log users into a device in advance. To avoid testing distractions, the internet URL whitelist option prohibits end users from accessing websites other than those specified by administrators. Specific keys can be disabled to prevent users from escaping the intended task. To ensure that sensitive information is wiped clean after a Lab Manager lock-down session, files and folders can be automatically deleted once a user is finished using a computer.

Lab Manager for Education

Learn about the diverse uses available with LabManager to securely lock down your labs. Lab Manager allows administrators to remotely transform entire classrooms of computers into single-purpose testing machines.
Learn more about Lab Manager for Education


A method for locking down the configuration of your computers, StateLocker makes it easy to configure the Unified Write Filter on your Windows 10 Education and Enterprise devices to ensure they stay in a desired state. With a simple reboot, devices can be reset to a known good configuration, allowing you to quickly recover from unexpected issues without a lengthy reimaging process. Because it uses the Unified Write Filter, ConfigMgr fully supports managing your devices even when they’re locked down. Since StateLocker is a new feature in Lab Manager, you’re able to easily schedule turning the Unified Write Filter on or off.

Recast Mobile

Bring the ConfigMgr console and right click tools wherever you go with Recast Mobile. By utilizing the Recast Enterprise Server, you’re able to browse your ConfigMgr and Active Directory infrastructure and perform actions on your devices and users. Retrieve BitLocker recovery keys, reset user passwords, add computers to a collection, delete a device or user account, approve or deny ConfigMgr application approval requests, update content on a distribution point, find LAPS passwords, and much more all from your phone or tablet. The Recast Mobile app is a free download for your Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices.

Download Recast RCT Free Tools

Enjoy greater insight into your System Center Configuration Manager Console.